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Supreme - Supreme: Downtown New York Skate Culture

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Supreme is not just a skateboarding brand-- since it first opened its doors on Lafayette Street in 1994, the brand became home to the NYC skate culture and evolved into an attitude brand all in its own right.

As the one who had been in the center of the scene, there seems to be no one more fitting to tell the story of skate culture in New York than Supreme. To put the   scene in narrative perspective, Aaron Bondaroff was sought out to pen the tales of skateboarding in the city. Aaron Bondaroff (who started aNYthing) had been a part of Supreme for a while. After dropping out of high school when he was fifteen, Aaron was quickly picked up and hired by Supreme. Later, Aaron became the unofficial face of Supreme after being featured and photograph for many Supreme ads.

Published by Rizzoli New York, the hardcover book will be released in April 2010 at $50 per pop. A must-have at home for fans of Supreme and all who rode the deck, rides the deck and lives for the deck.

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