Hydro74 x Tee Fury - Kayne Doesn't Care About Taylor T-Shirt


Despite 2 apologetic statements and a moment of regret on the new Jay Leno television show this evening, denouncements and outcries continue to flood in on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, forums, and other social media over Kanye West's on stage interruption during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech on last night's 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Several are even capitalize on the moment, such as t-shirt maker Tee Fury and graphic artist Hydro74 (aka Joshua Smith).

The initial idea for the t-shirt came as a joke on Hydro74's Twitter entry. Tee Fury saw the potential to make a witty statement on the whole fiasco and decided to create a t-shirt on it. However, as in Tee Fury project t-shirt, the Hydro74 - Kanye Doesn't Care About Taylor T-Shirt will only be available for sale for the next 24 hours. Afterwards, the design will be "retire" as an archive entry.

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