Nike Ambassador II - ORAP


No stranger to forays into Asia, the N.B.A. seems to be making a huge push to market their sport and the athletes who play it to China. Aside from the huge population to tap into, China has many budding basketball junkies as well. The LeBron II shown here is a shoe that represents one of (if not the) biggest stars in the N.B.A. well. The acronym ORAC stands for Outdoor Rubber Asia Pacific, and it   indicates that the thick sole is designed for the streets. With a thick heel and toe, this shoe will stand up well to the rigors of outdoor ballin'. The Zoom air comes in handy for cushioning as well.   LeBron's name is written in script, along with "ambassador" on the heel, and the collar features thick padding above a strip of red patent leather. Sporting a simple visual design, this shoe promises to fully deliver in the functionality department, as it appears that durability and cushion are primary in this model. More information to come. via: HoopChina