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Cabracega - All City - Graffiti Porcelain

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When one hears the words "porcelain" and "china", it is almost impossible to dispel images of ladies who lunch sipping tea with sugar cubes from dainty Wedgewood cups (accompanied by matching saucers). In an attempt to merge two worlds that are seeming polar opposites, Portuguese design studio, Cabracega, challenges our perception with the All City project. The All City project is an exhibition with an intention to reinterpret classic Portuguese porcelain sets in a modern context. Collaborating with artists such as Hium, MAR, Mr. Dheo, Quillograma and TOSCO, the exhibition presents a serendipitous collision of urban landscape and aesthetics with objects that represent a different time frame. Regardless of how you consider the exhibition-- invasion, defacement or re-invention-- the results both metaphorically and physically refreshing. via: Core77

All City

Event Dates: September 9th (Wednesday) October 9th (Friday)

Espa §o Zaum Rua Academia das Ci ªncias, n º2-E | Map
Lisboa, Portugal

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