Eric Elms X Carhartt - Fall/Winter 2009 - T-Shirts | Available Now

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Carhartt began as a workwear label in Detriot, MI more than 118 years ago. Since then, the label had branched out and evolved into a global label which also includes a streetwear line for Carhartt Europe. Carhartt Streetwear based in Germany partnered up with Adorn Studio's Eric Elms to create a line of collaboration tees for Fall/Winter 2009. The small collection of tees puts Carhartt in a new light with a fresh injection of logo and type graphics created by Elms. Also included in the Fall/Winter 2009 T-Shirt line up are collaborative graphic tees by names such as Will Kemp and Playarea. The new tees are now available for purchase online through Carhartt.

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