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Gagosian Gallery - Takashi Murakami - New Work Exhibition

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The latest work from Takashi Murakami just went up at the Gagosian Gallery. Featuring Murakami's famed "Superflat" style, the large four-canvas painting, A Picture Of The Blessed Lion Who Stares At Death, explores the mythological Karajishi, a lion thought to safeguard Buddhist temples and ward off evil. The lion is depicted standing atop a bridge stacked from skulls, creating a metaphorical divide between a feeling of happiness and the dreadful void of death. The color combination is wild and bordering on delirium for an other-worldly atmosphere. Murakami adopted traditional painting methods known as the Kezuri, where the painting is created by applying then sanding away layers of paint until an interesting patina is created. Check out the picture of the painting and do drop by the Gagosian before Oct 13 if you happen to be in town to really appreciate the work in all its physical glory.

Takashi Murakami- A Picture of Fate: I Am But A Fisherman Who Angles In The Darkness Of His Mind

Gagosian Gallery
555 West 24th Street | Map
New York, NY 10011

Event Dates: September 17th (Thursday) - October 24th (Saturday)

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