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UCS x Casio G-Shock - UCS 8th Anniversary - GWM5600 Model

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UCS (Uno Caol Showten) is the business that is run by Japanese MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter Caol Uno (宇野薰) and they are celebrating their 8th anniversary. For this occasion they have gotten together with Casio G-Shock to produce special 8th anniversary watch by using the classic shaped GWM5600 which is based on DW5600. The key feature of this model is that it is run by solar power rather than the conventional battery system so that this watch will in theory never run out of power. They have chosen to use the yellow colorway which pays homage to the original DW5600 that was on offer on its first release. Only a small branding on the band is visible with laser engraving of the UCS 8th anniversary and 8 stars on the back metal cover.

UCS (Caol Uno (宇野薰) Showten)
3-88 Hanasaki-cho | Map
Naka-ku, Yokohama Japan
TEL #: +045-260-5175

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