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Kidrobot x Frank Kozik - New Plush Labbit With "Functional Rear Entry"

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When artist Frank Kozik and Kidrobot came out with the adorable Labbit Series a few years ago, the one thing everyone talked about was the figure's painted butthole.   In fact, so much "unintended emphasis" been place on the rear of the Labbit that Frank Kozik and Kidrobot decided to give consumers what they want.   At yesterday's IMPRINT Culture Lab event here in New York City, Paul Budnitz, the founder of Kidrobot, briefly previewed several new designs, including a new plush Labbit with A Functional Rear Entry, technical term for "working butthole".   After much thought, the designers at Kidrobot came up with a way to stick anyone's finger up into a Labbit' know what... They even came up with a schematic on how it all works.   The figure will be release sometimes around the holiday season this year.   Now, there is a whole new definition to the term "anal retentive".

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