TUMI - Fall/Winter 2009 - Digital Camouflage Alpha Collection | Available Now


One of the bigger dilemmas in life occurs on the conveyor belt in airports. With a dazzling amount of suitcases being black Samsonites or looking like black Samsonites, it's too easy to grab someone else's trunks by mistake especially after a groggy trans-atlantic flight. In comes TUMI to save the day with the Alpha Collection Digi Camo luggages we had previously introduced and anticipated. The Fall/Winter collection includes four matching pieces, a trolley, duffel bag, messenger bag and laptop case all dressed in a digitized camouflage print. Now you can matchy-matchy your belongings and travel in style, and be really quick to point out when someone is walking out the gates with your suitcase because this will be one easy camouflage to spot. The Alpha Collection Digi Camo is now available at select TUMI retailers and SOPHNET. > TUMI