Freshness Feature: More Than Skin Deep - Legacy of Horiyoshi III


Here is an irrefutable fact: tattooing is a deeply personal act and process. However, until one has experienced the tedious and lengthy process of Horimono (full body tattoo), it is difficult to say that one has undergone the full cannon and arrived at the highest technical level of tattooing. The Japanese tattoo master, Horiyoshi III specializes in the highly refined art of Horimono and still injects the ink under skin meticulously by hand (a method known as tebori) unlike the popular mechanized tattooing process we are familiar with. As the second person to be bestowed the honorific title Horiyoshi III, the tattoo master now expands his horizons and medium to beyond the skin canvas and shifted his legacy onto newer territories of apparel and accessories with Horiyoshi the Third. Featuring the same art work and motifs Horiyoshi III's tattoos are based on, a full range of high quality knits, tees, outerwear and accessories enable all to enjoy his designs without having to go under the needle. Freshness is honored to have gotten a word in with the tattoo sensei, so check out our interview and get a little deeper into the other side of tattoo that carries more weight that scratchings on skin.

> Freshness Feature: More Than Skin Deep - Legacy of Horiyoshi III