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Air Jordan Sixty Plus (60+) - Atlanta Hawks | Available Now

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In July, we showed you a preview of the holiday releases of the Jordan Sixty Plus. One release, in black, gold, and red, will make its way to stores very soon. For those who may not remember the concept behind this fusion model, the name says it all-- these are a combination of the shoes worn by MJ when he scored 60 or more points in a game: the Air Jordan I, Air Jordan II, Air Jordan V, and Air Jordan VII. Featuring a mostly back upper, the contrast stitching, 23 on the heel, sole, and part of the tongue appear in gold. On the Jordan V design on the sole, a nice abstract pattern appears in red and yellow. The logo from the   Jordan II logo appears on the tongue, as do the lacelocks from the Jordan V. These will arrive at Millennium Shoes soon, and not long after that, check for them at your Jordan retailer. via: Millennium Shoes