DANN GmbH X Loopwheeler - DP5 DANN Parka

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Last year, Japan's bicycle brand, DANN GmbH collaborated with Loopwheeler to release a rather interesting unconventional fleece jacket designed especially with cyclists in mind. This year, riding enthusiasts have a new go-to jacket from the strong collaboration between Loopwheeler and DANN GmbH again. The DP5 2009 DANN Parka is produced, of course, with the fine Loopwheeler looms, ensuring the Parka is of incomparable comfort and quality. This year, the parka is expanded into three colorways with a wider size range. The Parka with interesting 3D pockets that are both stationary and removable comes with a storm guard this year to protect riders against the wind. A red cross emblem graces the front chest and the collaboration details are credited in the back underneath a removable 3D pocket. The hoodies will retail for approximately USD 230, but the money goes a long way and it's not easy to find a great fleece hoodie of Loopwheeler's quality with a storm guard attached for utility and endurance.  > Loopwheeler