Despite what you personally believe in, December this year marks a major crossroad for the future of our planet. United Nations will convene in December to discuss and decide on the replacement of the Kyoto Protocol, which will essentially reposition the global leaders' stands and actions in face of the climate crisis. To support our Earth, Kofi Annan started a project, "Time For Climate Justice", to rally up a global online petition to demand for Justice from world leaders attending the momentous Copenhagen conference. Each person supporting Climate Justice will record and upload himself saying "tck", officially allying himself with the worthy cause.

Other than online participation, you can also show your support in style with a TCK TCK TCK Tck Tag to help spread awareness that time is running out for us to set our environment and climate on the path of recovery. Each tag is individually numbered and are now available online via: colette for approximately $9. Do remember to register yourself as a supporter for Climate Justice before the Copenhagen conference on December 7 to help out in the climate crisis.

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