Mishka - Spetsnaz Jacket Mark III (3) | Available Now


In a brief capsule collection cookbook by professional photographer and fellow bike messenger Tak Sakamoto.   Mishka announced the third variant of its popular Spetsnaz Jacket with the help of D.A.R.T. (Death Adders Road & Track) team riders Nathan Gogol, John Prolly, and Wilis Johnson.   Named after the fearsome Russian Special Purpose Regiments, the equivalent of Special Operations Command of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Spetsnaz Jacket is the ideal outerwear that perfectly balance the needs of an all-city messenger or a casual rider.   Currently in its third rendition, the Spetsnaz Mark III is one of streamlined design in functional lightweight nylon fabric.   The high tensile material is fully breathable yet waterproof enough to withstand 10,000 mm of pressure (or roughly 14 PSI). Additional amenities include arm vents and extendable rear tail to prevent muck "kick-back" for the rear wheel.   Currently available at the Mishka online store, the jacket is also available at Mishka's   flagship store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For a limited time only, the store will offer 20% discount on the jacket to who ever ride their bikes to the store.

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