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RZA - The Tao of Wu

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Among the most influential hip-hop Groups in recent memory, the Wu-Tang Clan has enjoyed a recent resurgence in music with the recent release of Raekwon's Only Built for Cuban Linx II (which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Charts) and the upcoming Ghostface Killah album Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City releasing today. The RZA, the mastermind behind the signature sound of the landmark debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and four solo albums, now ventures into the publishing world with the release of The Tao of Wu, a chronicle of what Penguin describes as "a nonfiction Siddhartha for the hip-hop generation —an engaging, seeking book that will enlighten, entertain, and inspire."

The first book by the RZA, The Wu-Tang Manual, was an attempt to summarize the origins and facts about the group. This second release, however, is far from a simple biography, as the book delves into the spiritual side of the RZA, whose beliefs are fashioned by a philosophy informed by "a unique blend of Eastern spirituality, Christianity, numerology, science, and hard-earned street wisdom."   Though this may appear to be a sort of ideological mash-up, the book fuses together the life, experiences, and thoughts of the mad genius behind the Wu-Tang Clan.

Here are some of the reviews for the book:

"Touching....A glimpse inside the brain of the RZA, the producer/spiritual leader of Staten Island's revolutionary hip-hop collective, the Wu-Tang Clan....Weirdly inspirational."

—New York Times Book Review

"At once edifying and wildly entertaining, [The Wu-Tang Manual] occupies a fertile emotional crossroads of nostalgia, juvenile wish-fulfillment, and adult could augur a rebirth for one of the most influential rap groups of the 1990s."


In what is sure to be a compelling read for the hip-hop fan, The Tao of Wu releases on October 15, but you can pre-order yours now at the Penguin Group site.

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