Subaru - Hybrid Tourer Concept

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As many automobile companies are starting to explore into the hybrid market to appeal to the green customers, Subaru will be taking its all wheel drive base into hybrid as you can see with this new Hybrid Tourer Concept car. The details have not been released yet but from the agressive aesthetics and gull wings will surely appeal to enthusiasts who may not want to drive just another green hybrid.

Their famous Boxer engine will be retained with turbo charger and direct injection giving power when necessary. The gasoline engine is mated with eletric motor and acts as a 10kW motor when power is needed and a generator is used to charge the lithium ion battery pack rest of the time. Secondary electric motor pushes 20kW to the rear wheels under low speeding conditions as well as when maximum power is required. More details should be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

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