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Timberland - Timberland Expeditions | iPhone App

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Let's face it, walking through Central Park and climbing trees or atop one of the huge rocks that are strewn asunder around the park don't exactly relate to conquering the Himalayans or even Blue Ridge Mountain. For urbanites who are also outdoor adrenaline junkies, finding a good hiking trail or scene spots in cities are not easy feats. Hence, the purveyor of reliable boots and outdoor gear, Timberland, is here to the rescue. With a new iPhone App that is free for download, residents of New York City, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Boston and Minneapolis can rejoice. The app allows for users to search and explore Timberland's exclusive urban expeditions that are often unknown even among the most seasoned natives. Find the best spot in the city for a bike ride, urban hike or simple to view the city in all its glory through your iPhone. For those who are content sitting at a cafe on Sunday sipping lattes with the Sunday Times, the app also allows for the languid users complete a virtual hike on Timber Trail while enjoying Timberland's featured playlist that is updated weekly. Easily one of the best downloads that fulfill both entertainment and utilitarian needs, do we really need to lure you again with the fact that the app is free?via: Apptism> Timberland

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