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Jil Sander x UNIQLO +J Collection | Available Now

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After bits and slices of previews and sneak peeks that aren't exactly enough to satisfy retail curiosity, the collection - +J (the collaboration of UNIQLO and Jil Sander)-- so many stuck their necks out for is finally in stores for actual browsing, touching, trying and inevitably, purchasing. Featuring a great selection of staples ranging from knits to jackets and outerwear, wool flat front trousers, and last but not least, UNIQLO's famed cashmere sweaters, the collection embodies the minimal approach to clothing Jil Sander (the lady) is loved for. Expect your utilitarian colors that can last for seasons not only in terms of quality but also relevance for style, these are easy pieces that will help anyone look put together, terminating sartorial conundrums once and for all. Available now in UNIQLO stores across the world from Japan to Paris (the newly opened flagship!) and New York, check out the collection quick because we don't think this will be hanging on racks for long.