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Oki-ni - Maison Martin Margiela Archives


One of the most clandestine designers in the industry, whether Martin Margiela revere in his anonymity or the man simply wishes to avoid the spotlight, little is known about Margiela as a man since he stepped into the scene after graduating from Antwerp School of Design in 1979. Considered the honorary seventh member of Belgian design collective, Antwerp Six, the man started his career with Jean Paul Gaultier and developed a keen interest in Japanese deconstructionism, such as the work of Comme des Gar §ons' Rei Kawabuko. In 1988, the man established his eponymous label and was later appointed Creative Director to one of the world's oldest and most established luxury labels, Hermes. Since then, Margiela had sold most of his stakes in the business to Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel. While control over finances now lies in another hand, Margiela still has absolute control over work at his eponymous label.

After presenting detailed and comprehensive archives of Raf Simons, Levi's and Nike, Oki-ni worked on pulling together images of a collection of Maison Martin Margiela items ranging from clothing to accessories to memorabilia for its fourth archival installment. Drawing help from the personal collection of Oki-ni's good friend, C, some of the items that can be seen in this archive include A Magazine Curated by Maison Martin Margiela, trainers, coffee cups, M&Ms and launch party wristband. As per mentioned, it may not be easy to know more about the man behind the strangely deconstructed clinical white objects, looking at the man through the lens of his creations is probably the closest we will ever get.

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