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Loopwheeler - Fall/Winter 2009 - Scarves | New Release

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Newly released from Loopwheeler are not hoodies, but another important winter staple- scarves (or mufflers, as the Japanese have it). The new collection of neck wear from Loopwheeler come in different patterns and colorways that go either basic or basic bright, so everything is just rightly balanced-- neither too flashy nor too dull. Some patterns we have seen last year are remade in new colorways, but this year a scarf with a small pocket at the end added is Loopwheeler's thoughtful creation for wearers to carry small light items such as iPod NANOs in their scarves. Also, there's a color block/striped scarf that has interesting ribbed cuffs at the ends. Keep your neck snuggled and warm this winter and have something to go with your new AW77 hoodie. You won't want your neck to feel left out from Loopwheeler looms' embrace now, would you?

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