Mekanism Skateboards X Olafur Eliasson - "Your Mercury Ocean" Deck

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Danish/Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson had an interesting history. Prior to his artistic ventures and constantly contemplating some very post-modern questions of perception and relation, Eliasson was the Scandinavia:n break-dancing champion. His experiences in breakdancing however, was an important influence in his art conceptions as break-dancing constantly called for one dancer to negotiate and react to another in battles, mirroring his approach to art.

Mekanism Skateboards enlisted Eliasson to collaborate on a skateboard creation project that is named "Your Mercury Ocean". This is the first time any artist had worked the surface in 3D at Mekanism Skateboard. The 13-ply deck (as opposed to the usual 7 ply) was milled on top and bottom to create different levels and eventually coated with a mirrored finish to give an impression of waves on well, a mercury ocean. As the artist intends, the skateboard reflects light differently in different environments with different skate maneuvers, challenging the viewer and skater's perception and relation to his surroundings. This project came out as an impressive collection of 90 decks with 10 artist proofs and 10 exhibition pieces. Mekanism Skateboard and Eliasson took the art of skateboarding to a transcendental level that is out of this world and is absolutely sophisticated.

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