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Yi Zhou - "The Ear" Featuring Pharrell Williams | Video

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Not too long ago, we introduced some images and stills from The Ear created by Chinese contemporary artist, Yi Zhou. Yi Zhou grew up in Rome and studied between London and Paris, eventually ending up with degrees in Political Science and Economics for her academic career. Her artistic venture had been based on large scale multimedia installations and her work explores a fascination with hyper-realism and neo-realism. Carrying on the dream-like quality and imaginative surreal experiences from her line of work into this short film featuring Pharrell Williams, Zhou investigates and re-imagines the transcendental journey of Pharrell's ear. Based on Gogol's short story, The Nose, the ear undergoes a similar Freudian treatment of amputation and detachment, and goes on a journey and transforms into an Earbridge as it gets crossed by a bridge. The story eventually ends where Pharrell is pulled back into reality reading a newspaper article about the Earbridge in Baku, Azerbijian. This collapses the art work into the other side of reality as well as the project is part of a public design project for Azerbijian involving the likes of Jean Nouvel and Cai Guo Qiang in 2013. While Pharrell has been immersing himself in the art world with various recent projects, it is refreshing to see him as a protagonist in a video that veers from pop entertainment.

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