Chronicles of Never - Fall/Winter 2009 - Once Around The Moon Shoes

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Founded by Gareth Moody, one of the founding members of Tsubi (now know as Ksubi) from the land down under, Chronicles of Never is a androgynous with a hit of a dark edge. The label is known for its unisex collections that recalls an interesting time lapse that is part minimal, part deconstructed-- occurring with a Weimar backdrop.

The Fall/Winter collection from the label works on a harmony of tailored and fluid silhouettes in various mediums such as leather, knits, denim and cotton. Useful, but absolutely unconventional in aesthetics and styling. Among the collection is a pair of leather shoes with a fantastical name, Once Around The Moon, which is highly reminiscent of Maison Martin Margiela's deconstructed and deliberately painted white. If you think that too, that's exactly what it is. The low-cut leather boots with a long square toe is painted over in white, and the shoes will crack to reveal its true colors underneath with use. The shoes will age alongside its wearer, making it more than just a pair of shoes but a chronicler of the wearer's journey. The shoes are now available online via: oki-ni alongside other Fall/Winter 2009 offerings from the label. > Chronicles of Never