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Mykita X Romain Kremer - Limited Edition ROMAIN Sunglasses | November Release

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Germany's Mykita is loved for their handcrafted acetate and sheet metal sunglasses, and for recently, for their successful collaborations including work with coveted designers like Bernhard Willhelm. For this Fall/Winter, Mykita and French designer Romain Kremer pulled their forces together to create limited edition ROMAIN sunglasses that will be released in November.

Though Romain Kremer is considered a fairly young adventurer in the fashion scene, the 27-year old designer had been establishing grounds for himself since he first debuted in 2005. His Spring/Summer 2010 collection is rather avant-garde with a design to transcend pessimistic forces such as global warming and radio activity. As such, the collection features a great focus on skin, protection, and plays with the idea of revealing and protecting.

The same concept carries through in his work with Mykita. Based on the ancient Inuit (indigenous people inhabiting Artic regions) eyewear, the ROMAIN takes on an evolved form of shutter shades with 0.5mm metal shutters to accompany a square frame designed to evoke vibes of war paint.

The shades will be available in two bi-colored version-- matte black with steel high gloss exterior finish and glossy steel exterior with violet finish. Look out for them this coming November in select retailers as there will only be a run of 50 per model.

Release Date: November 2009

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