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Michael Jackson - This Is It - Unreleased Track | Release Info

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Reportedly, Michael Jackson's unreleased tracks could date back decades to pre-Sony and during his Motown days. While fans could probably spend the next couple of years to slowly wait for the unreleased tracks to surface and hit the speakers, fans will be able to catch a new track from the King of Pop due to release on at 12 midght EST, Oct 12 on his website. The track entitled, This Is It, accompanies the 2-week only flash motion picture,  This Is It, as the movie's closing sequence. Behold and await for the track that also features backing vocals by the Jackson brothers tonight-- we don't think there's a better reason for us to stay up till midnight on Sunday than this. On an additional note, if you haven't booked your tickets for the movie that will start running on Oct 27, this is a good time to pre-order them as they have been on pre-sale since Sep 27 and you might not want to wait for possible DVD releases.

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