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adidas SLVR - Fall/Winter 2009 - Travel Pack

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The dilemma of packing can be overwhelming and possibly dampen the excitement for traveling and venturing into new lands. adidas SLVR solves your traveling sartorial conundrum with ease and elegance from their latest Travel Pack release. The capsule collection is available for both men and women, and simple classic pieces will prepare the traveller for anything ranging from exploring museums to scaling monuments or a night out in a swanky bar. The men's collection consists of a waterproof black blazer, two fitted shirts, classic black cotton twill pants and a terry zipper jacket. The women's collection also features the black waterproof blazer and terry zip up jacket, but also comes with a black nylon dress and sweat pants. Check out the collection that is only available to select adidas SLVR locations around the world such as No74 Berlin, adidas SLVR New York, Paris, Singapore and Beijing. via: Dazed Digital

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