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Moment In Time - Photo Exhibition By Miyuki Pai Hirai + Yuri Shibuya

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In retrospect, 1990s New York City was a time to be missed. With a burgeoning underground movement of street culture, especially with regards to skateboarding and hip-hop, the city was bustling with activity and raw, grass root creative energy. During that time, photographers Miyuki Pai Hirai and Yuri Shibuya were at the frontline of the cultural propagation. These two photographers are pooling together their photo chronicles of New York City in the nineties that not only documented the era, but also presents themselves as harbingers of the future. The exhibition will kick off at The North Face on Oct 14 in Tokyo, and will then shift southward to Osaka. Do take some time to drop by and let's all reminisce about how far along we had come since almost two decades ago.

Moment In Time

The North Face Harajuku
6-10-11, Jingumae, Shibuya Ward | Map
Tokyo, Japan

The North Face Omotesando
4-12-10, Jingumae, Shibuya Ward | Map
Tokyo, Japan

Event Dates: Oct 14th (Wednesday) - November 15th (Sunday)

> Miyuki Pai Hirai

> Yuri Shibuya