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NY Times - David Byrne: Live On Two Wheels Video

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One of the biggest changes in New York City, especially over the past 5 years, is the growth of the cycling community.   No longer segregated to parks on the weekend, New Yorkers are adopting this basic mode of transportation for daily commute. This change, thanks in part, to an mayoral administration that made 200 miles of bike lanes around NYC's 5 boroughs.   But most of the thanks should go to grassroots movements and vocal advocate like David Byrne, the musician, artist, and former frontman of Talking Heads.   Recently, The New York Times' Erik Olsen created an insightful video on Byrne's advocacy in bring more bikes to the street of New York as well as advices on what the city should do to be more bike friendly.

> The New York Time - David Byrne: Live On Two Wheels Video