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United Visual Artists (UVA) - Jay-Z Blueprint 3 World Tour Stage Design

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An ever changing city scape that exist only in the form of lights, our friends at U.K.-base United Visual Artists, or better known as UVA, was recently appointed as the creative director for the much anticipated Jay-Z Blueprint 3 World Tour. Giant sculptural-lead video, along with sculptural form installations towering behind the performers, both are sequence to interact with the music as well as the audience. Unlike traditional stage design, UVA inputted certain dynamic range for the Jay-Z Blueprint 3 project, thus creating a 3-dimensional stage setup with its in-house production tool kit known as d3, the same control utilized in the U2's 360 stage design and Massive Attack's current tour. You could "experience" UVA's creation in person soon when Jay-Z Blueprint 3 World Tour gets underway, featuring Beyonce, Rhianna and Kanye West.

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