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Angel Clover x Thrasher - Double Play Watch

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Japanese watch brand Angel Clover is a producer of medium end analogue watches that are large and chunky with their slogan, 'Wild & Edge' that explains their design direction. A collection of casual watches that can be dressed up or down with their popular signature large face.

They have recently launched their collaboration between one of the pioneering skateboard magazines Thrasher. For their project, they have chosen the Double Play model which uses dual movements that shows two different times of cities or countries on one face. This watch also boasts a large face measuring 44mm width by 36mm height in a square format rather than their usual circular design. Wrapped with silicone wrist band, the stainless steel watch is durable for everyday wear and waterproofed. Limited to only 300 pieces made with serial number on each piece at the back.

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