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ILoveDust x Yamaha - Giggle Scooter

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With an ever eco-conscious society, scooters become, once again, as fashionable mode of transportation. With that comes with an influx of specialty model, including this Yamaha Giggle created by our friends at U.K.'s ilovedust. While its retro styling and analog gauges hark back to a bygone era. The Yamaha Giggle is anything but a time machine, with an updated suspension and a new engine that puts out more horsepower yet consumed less gas. To reflect its homey appeal, ilovedust customized an illustrated storyline of scenery from an imaginative ride from urban center to the countryside. Completing the vibrant backdrops of narrow roads, lakes and rivers are church spires, townhouses, bridges and more... As complement to the scooter, each will include the classic 1971 helmet from Bell R/T with the new ilovedust graphic.

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