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Ron English X SECRET BASE - X Ray MC Supersized "Halloween"

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Ron English's MC Supersized leaves people some food (or no food) for thought in commentary of the global fast food culture and addiction. The artist had previously teamed up with  SECRET BASE to release a special X-Ray version of the MC Supersized toy by encapsulating a skeletal figure in the translucent vinyl container of a body. This time, the guys are back in town for Halloween with more Supersizing scares--a new X Ray MC Supersized Halloween version. The Halloween version still features a translucent capsule, but houses a black and orange skeletal figurine within instead. The toys come packaged in the same Popaganda box from the previous collaboration with graphics of french fries. So appropriate for Halloween since nothing is scarier than cholesterol-choked arteries.

3-15-8 Jingumae | Map
CHAMBLE15 Building, # 205
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan

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