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BAPE X AMBUSH | Upcoming Collaboration

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News are out that BAPE will be collaborating with Japanese design collective, AMBUSH. AMBUSH was started in 2002 by Young-Kee "VERBAL" Yu and YOON, operating on a belief of "Anything Goes". As men of many talents, both VERBAL and YOON have projects going on other than their work at AMBUSH as well. When not designing at AMBUSH, VERBAL is a MC/Producer for groups m-flo and Teriyaki Boyz. YOON on the other hand, is a DJ/Stylist, and also the PR for BBC/Ice Cream. Some of the design collective's work include a rendition of Toyota's iQ in a futuristic reflective finish inspired by Jeff Koon's sculptures. The collaboration seems like a strong and promising one, and we can't wait to hear more information on this joint project.