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Estevan Oriol X Mister Cartoon - Snoop Dogg "Malice In Wonderland" Album Cover Artwork | Behind The Scenes Video

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Photographer/Director Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon go way back. Not just partners on The Joker Brand clothing, the duo worked through SA Studios and successfully pushed their art into the market place, working with clients such as Nike, Toyota, Harley Davidson and Rockstar Games. This time around, Oriol and Mister Cartoon are back to create the album art for Snoop Dogg's upcoming album, Malice In Wonderland, due to drop on Dec 8. It is interesting to see the completed work, but it is even more intriguing to see how the artists work and collaborate. Check out the behind the scenes video for making the album packaging and get psyched-- not just about Snoop's upcoming tracks, but also to appreciate the artwork that went into it. Now, here's a reason to pop by a record store or your nearest Best Buy to pick up an actual copy of the album instead of just grabbing the tracks off iTunes.

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