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Loopwheeler X Steiff | Release Information

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As previously introduced, Loopwheeler collaborated with German plush toy maker, Steiff, to dress one of their iconic furry buddies in some equally snuggly Loopwheeler hoodies. While the previous post features a half-completed sample, this time around the images are updated. Still featuring the same embroidery patches that pay homage to both labels' countries, the graphics on the back of the hoodie that was only attached to the jacket as a piece of paper is now actually printed on the teddy's hoodie itself. The little forest friend completed in a denim overall and clean white sneakers topped off with Loopwheeler hoodie will be available around mid-November and will retail for approximately $315. Reservations and orders are welcome, so connect with Loopwheeler for your own street savvy Steiff.

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