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Burton - 2010 - Liquid Lounger

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With this Burton 2010 Liquid Lounger backpack, everyone will want to be your friend on the powder. And why? Because no one else has an awesome pack that has a drainable cooler that can fit a 24-pack, and also blasts music from its stereo speakers completed with its very own amp via: a 3.5mm or auxiliary jack. If the music and drinks are not enough, the backpack also houses a complete Burton kit-- golf towel, ping pong balls, dice, and "THE KIT!". Of course, there are wet/dry pockets and enough compartment to bring anything else you might have in mind up to the mountains. While we are not quite certain what to make of the dice and ping pong ball and how they would come in handy in the flurries, we will be sure to make friends with anyone spotted carrying this pack this snowboarding season for some tunes and drinks.

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