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OeTZI3300 - Sneaker Collection

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Circa 3300 B.C., there was a prehistoric man named OeTZI whose mummified body will later be unearthed from its frozen state by the effects of global warming. A man of essentials, OeTZI was decked on in necessities and wore interesting shoes that is now the inspiration behind OeTZI3300's footwear. These unique shoes are created to be simple, functional, environmentally responsible and well-versed in the art of well-being. The collection of shoes are crafted from premium material such as 1.8mm top grain napa leather and oiled suede. The cork footbed embedded in the kicks will gradually conform to fit the wearer's footscape with wear and use. In terms of aesthetics, the low-top walking sneakers feature an interesting mix of laces with straps and has a cut-out upper that reveal the sock lining underneath.

While you are checking out the kicks that are available at retailers such as Concepts, take note of another fun and charitable aspect of the company-- the label is working on the BlackSpotCrow project which enables OeTZI3300 to financially assist the Arthritis Foundation. The reason behind this selection of cause is that when OeTZI was discovered, he was spotted with tattoos that pointed to him being treated for arthritis with primitive forms of acupuncture.

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