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Verizon – “Droid Does” Commercial | Video

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Both Apple and iPhone evangelists probably weren’t too happy today with the new VerizonDroid Does” Commercial that has been blitzing television during yesterday’s American League Championship Series. Listing everything the iPhone can’t accomplish and then offering the Droid (Android) as an ultimate modern gadget savior, the commercial pretty much identified every sore spot of the well-loved iPhone and doused the wounds with salt. The interesting thing about this commercial is that Verizon is not gunning at AT&T, but just its hottest product. Another fun information to note, especially for Star Wars fan boys is that Lucasflim Ltd. licensed the “Droid” word to Verizon for use. We still don’t know if Mr. George Lucas owns a Droid or iPhone, but obviously the man is willing to lend his back to the Google-powered number.

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