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adidas Originals - Get Lite Commercial | Directed by Jake McAfee

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adidas Originals teamed up with THREE/21 MEDIA to shoot this new "Get Lite" commercial that seeks to honor Hip-Hop while celebrating adidas heritage and history. The commercial was directed by Jake McAfee who conceptualized this spot based off of the idea that Hip-Hop will never die. This new commercial is the first of many that from McAfee that will be housed under the Three/21 Films' roof.

I'm proud to say that this is the first of many productions I'll be introducing under the banner of my new home, Three/21 Films. The concept for this Adidas Original spot was spawned from the understanding that Hip Hop will never die. From Hip Hop's birth in the late seventies to now, the game, energy and freedom of expression remains the same. Kids always come up with new ways to express themselves. There's a YouTube movement where kids video tape themselves dancing or better yet "Get'n Lite". They then post those clips on YouTube and watch the number of view hits rise. In my opinion, Adidas Original and the dance expression by Hip Hop's youth go hand and hand. This spot, I hope, reflects that. - Jake McAffe