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Danfung Dennis - Battle For Hearts And Minds | Documentary On The War In Afgahanistan

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A new generation of photojournalist is taking advantage on the recent advent in digital technology. This includes the London-base Danfung Dennis, who produced a stunning documentary on the current War in Afghanistan. Set to release on the web soon, Dennis' "Battle for the Hearts and Minds" captured 3 days of intense fighting while he was embedded with Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, of the U.S. Marine 8th Company. Aside from its powerful and tragic narrative, where a young Marine, Lance Corporal Charles Sharp, lost his life. The film marks a turning point in the process of film making since it was shot entirely with a still photo camera, the Canon 5D Mark II Digital SLR, with a single lens, a microphone and mixer setup, and a "customized" camera stabilizer. For more information, go visit

*NOTE* Footage contains violences and profanities. Discretion is advised

> Battle for Hearts and Minds

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