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Electronic Arts - Rock Band | iPhone Application

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Sure the iPhone doesn't take pictures in the dark, and neither does it run simultaneous apps nor have interchangeable batteries. But, one thing the Droid doesn't have on the iPhone for now is--behold-- the Rock Band. Electronic Arts just released one of their most popular titles, Rock Band, for iPhone and iPod Touch. The application allows you to jam alone or do a band gig with friends via: a Live Bluetooth Multiplayer function. Featuring 20 legendary songs from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, The Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters and Blink 182, you can also download more tracks from the in-game music store. Rock out, nut out and slap that bass on your iPhone. Still thinking about switching over to the Droid? The Rock Band application allows players to connect via: Facebook and still play together even if they can't connect simultaneously. The Rock Band does remind us of all things great about the iPhone-- the unsurpassed multitudes of applications at a click's disposal.

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