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James Naismith: The Man Who Invented Basketball

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As the NBA regular season kicks off very very soon in just a week's time, it is so appropriate and right on schedule for Temple University Press to release a book about one the world's most beloved competitive sports game. Penned by Rob Rains and Hellen Carpenter, the duo examine and chronicle the life of James Naismith, the man who thought it would be an excellent idea to put balls through hoops and got everyone else to think the same too. Naismith who first started out wanting to be a doctor or a minister (and was later, both) became famous for a game that would keep the world enthralled and create many cultural icons and talents through the years. Learn more about basketball as NBA once again befalls us and the majority of the nation will keep their eyes out for Kobe and the Lakers (picked Most Fun Team To Watch by GM Survey). The book is now available for order on Temple University Press and also Amazon.

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