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Obey X Levi's - First Look and Release Information

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There is nothing more comforting than a pair of lived in Levi's, and one doesn't have to be a denim connoisseur to know this. Working to elaborate and further push the quality of evolution in Levi's favorites, the heritage denim label is working with Obey to reinvent some Levi's cult classics including the 511, Shepard Fairey's favorite 514, truckers, work shirts and graphic tees with an injection of Obey aesthetics and energy. Each item is meticulously and intentionally customized for a well-loved, lived-in, unique look that is like your favorite pair of aged Levi's. The collection will also feature original graphics created by the Levi's X Obey team and will be launching at the end of this month on Oct 29 at various Levi's locations including Santa Monica, Soho, Times Square and online.

This matrimony is both an exciting and befitting one as Fairey himself points out the similarities between both labels --

"I've always felt that keeping my art bold, simple and refined was a way to cut through the clutter, and it's a formular that Levi's has been using for decades that keeps them accessible and populist yet stylish and relevant. The posters I created for Levi's are returns to the roots of my style: one side with an industrial propaganda poster feel that connects the heritage of Levi's as a brand for workers and the reverse side reflecting my other biggest influence, punk rock, and the connection of Levi's to punk and rock in general".

Stay tuned for more information and detailed looks on the collaboration on Freshness as the release approaches!

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