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UNDERCOVER - Fall/Winter 2009 - Hi-Top Sneaker

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This season Undercover sticks to its affinity for black and white but has a highly accessible and minimal modern take on its items a la Raf Simons and Jil Sander. The collection pares down in terms of adornments and design but highlights complexity instead with a mix of materials. The Hi-Top Sneaker from the latest Undercover offering sticks to the same route and incorporates interesting technical fabric for its mixed grey upper. The kicks also feature interesting lace-hoops and the overall look is slightly space age and also a little reminiscent of some Maison Martin Margiela sneakers. The sneakers and other items from the collection such as blazers and tees are now available at The Corner. For those who are looking to learn more about Jun Takahashi, the man behind Undercover, New York Time's The Moment just released a great interview with the Undercover man.