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Complex - The 50 Scariest Movie Of All Time

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The scary Asian lady climbing out of your TV to claim your life, paranormal investigators deciding it would be an excellent idea to spend the night in a haunted house, spooky pale little children you don't want to play with and make you believe vasectomy would be a wonderful precaution for life...scary movies never fail to come up with things that literally will have you jumping out of seats and look at every single person in your life in a different perspective (are you sure that person sitting right next to you now is really there?). Since Halloween is right around the corner and we happily leap into our annual fright fest, sometimes with significant regrets after countless sleepless nights, Complex gives us a run down of 50 scariest movie of all time--complete with clips from the movies. The latest scary movie, Paranormal Activity made number two and Children of Corn made number 49. Check out Complex for the first and last one on the list...only if your heart condition permits.

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