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Kidrobot X The Simpsons - Ralph Wiggum | Release Information

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Not that we are mean, but honestly, "dimwit" and "loser" are the two words by reflexive association when we see Ralph Wiggum. The paste-eating kid will be joining The Simpsons family of figurines created in conjunction with Kidrobot tomorrow, and possibly your flank of the oddly yellow characters that are also America's TV favorites (unless you are a die-hard Family Guy fan). The 6" figure will come with his own accessories-- a pot of paste and a super random pyromaniac leprechaun who occasionally tell him to start random fires on the show. Collect Wiggum tomorrow and put him right next to Lisa so at least the little buddy can live his romantic life vicariously through his vinyl substitute.

Release Date: October 22nd (Thursday)

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