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NIKEiD - iPhone App | Available Now

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Customizing you very own Nike kicks is a wonderful idea--for those who already know what their shoes to look like. What if, like most people out there, you only have a sketchory idea or an inspiration for your kicks but can't quite translate it into an actual Dunk? Fret not, as NIKEiD has the perfect solution for all iPhone users out there. The new NIKEiD iPhone app doesn't just put colors in the right places, it can use pictures taken from the iPhone or any existing picture for that matter, extract the right color palette from the picture and express it in the form of new shoes. Don't really fancy the color? Shake your iPhone to shuffle shades and get surprising new results. Next step, you can make iPhone wallpapers, share your work with friends online and even order them for your feet. Tap it, shake it, mail it and just wait to kick around in some spanking new kicks.

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