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Rhianna - Russian Roulette | Just Released

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Sure there were some lovey-dovey and sickly sweet moments during the happy Rihanna-Brown era, but the lady has started to look way fiercer and sexier since her well-justified split from Chris Brown. If the hip-hop princess's stylish get-ups in the past year isn't enough of proof, her album cover look on the just released single, Russian Roulette, should be enough to dispel any dissent (not that we expected there to be any). Donning next to nothing and wrapped in some very dangerous looking barbed-wires, the good girl didn't just go bad, she went way badder. The single is a little preview for what's to come of Rhianna's Nov 23 album, Rated R, release. If this album cover isn't exactly rated R yet, we can't wait to see what her actual album shots look like. Check out the song and show the girl some support for all the wonderful work she's been doing-- running this town with tunes, anyone?

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