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Sebastian Denz X Carhartt Streetwear - Skateboarding.3D | Available Now

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Photographer Sebastian Denz has a deeply philosophical view about space. The man ponders about a 'postvirtual' space, and the point between virtual and real, and how those two spaces relate to each other. Sure this may not seem like an odd topic for a photographer to explore, but Denz brings the same view to skateboarding, and elevates the metaphorical meaning of skateboarding through a deep delve into the process and experience of skateboarding.

Denz sees the act of skateboarding as the skater's physical interaction with space which transforms into an emotion that carves out a psychological space and landscape. While the former space may be perceived by those who are not shredding, the latter is a little trickier to experience if one is not on the deck.

As such, Denz created a series of three-dimensional images and invites readers to take a closer and different perspective on skateboarding. These photographs are created with a unique 8X10 inch large format stereo camera Dr. Kurt Gilde built for him. The book documents 20 Carhartt Streetwear skate team members taking on various unique spots with their decks, transiting from sewer system to forest downhill and self-made concrete parks.

Put on your 3D glasses and experience skateboarding, rather literally,through a different dimension. The book is now available in stores and through Carhartt Streetwear. Promise: this visual paroxysm will give you something other coffee table books don't.

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