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Eskuche - 33 and 1/3 Headphones

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For headphones to be sleek, it felt like one would have to compromise on sound. Well, not anymore as Eskuche, a premier audio accessories maker debunked the myth with some futuristic looking audio gadgets that will engulf you in a world of audio synesthesia and give you a new world of listening experience. The 33 and 1/3 headphones arrived at OAK NYC as quickly as they sold out. These coveted headphones are engineered with LR sound systems to optimally balance the left and right speakers. Plush, cushioned earcups ensure maximum comfort so there is nothing to distract you from your tunes. While the silver and black chrome versions are both no longer available at OAK, Urban Outfitters still has silver and gold ones available. At just $58 for a transformational listening experience on your iPod, iPhone or whichever MP3 player? Sounds absolutely fantastic (pun intended).

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